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Guide to exporting non-prescribed goods

Based on your product, your goods may be non-prescribed.

What are non-prescribed goods?

Goods that are not detailed in the Export Control Act 2020, opens in a new tab and the Export Control Rules are non-prescribed. Non-prescribed goods (NPG) are not regulated by Australian export laws but must meet the requirements of the importing country.

Common non-prescribed good types include:

  • animal by-products
  • some cosmetics
  • inedible blood
  • nutritional supplements
  • pet food
  • processed foods and beverages
  • rendered fats and oils
  • rendered meats
  • skins and hides
  • wool.

If your goods are non-prescribed, the following guidelines apply to you.

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Rules for organic and biodynamic exports

As well as any requirements of the importing country, there are additional rules for organic and bio-dynamic export goods.

You'll need to follow these steps to produce, prepare, handle or export organic or bio-dynamic goods., opens in a new tab

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Here's a glossary, opens in a new tab of words that relate to the export of non-prescribed goods.

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