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How to manage CARs online

We're trialling a new digital feature with select Registered Establishments (REs) to self-manage CARs (corrective action requests) online.

The trial commenced in early 2022. In the months leading up to June and beyond, we'll release and test new features, as well as increase the number of participants.

Being able to self-manage CARS online will ultimately save exporters time and money by:

  • centralising CAR-related communication, records and documents usually conducted via email
  • reducing the risk of admin error or missed deadlines
  • helping them proactively stay on top of their compliance requirements.

To manage CARs online, you’ll need a myGovID account linked to Relationship Authorisation Manager.

View CARs

Once an auditor issues a CAR and emails the details, you’ll need to sign in to Export Service as an authorised user.

Your Compliance home page lists any open CARs, including details of the:

  • CAR number and entity name
  • severity and related activity
  • due date
  • its status; either open, pending or overdue.

A table listing recently closed CARs will also be displayed, where each CAR can be viewed.

Screenshot showing details of open CARs in table format as displayed on Compliance home page.

Screenshot of table listing open CARs on Compliance home page

Select Manage to see the full CAR details, including:

  • any non-compliance description reported by the auditor
  • the applicable checklist item
  • legislative reference
  • activity history to date.
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Submit evidence

On the Submit evidence page, you must describe what actions were taken to address the non-compliance issues. This field is required.

You also have the option to upload documents or images. File formats and size limits apply.

Screenshot from submit evidence page showing option to select files to upload. Formats accepted: png, jpeg, pdf, docx, xlsx. Total file size no more than 10 MB.

Screenshot showing file selection feature

Once evidence is submitted, a page confirms the CAR is now pending review.

Multiple submissions are allowed if you need to add further evidence later.

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Access closed CARs

Once a CAR is closed, the auditor will send you an email to confirm it. You don’t need to do anything else.

However, if you want to view a closed CAR online, sign in to Export Service as usual. Any CARs closed during the online trial will be listed on your Compliance home page.

Screenshot showing table listing details of closed CARs as displayed on Compliance home page.

Screenshot of table listing closed CARs

Select View to see the:

  • auditor’s comments
  • CAR details
  • activity history.
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Track activity history

While managing the CAR online, a record and timeline list any activities carried out to date, including the:

  • date a particular event occurred
  • name of the person responsible
  • type of activity.
Screenshot showing table listing details of actions taken, by whom, and when, in managing a CAR.

Screenshot showing a list and timeline for each activity undertaken for a particular CAR

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Need more help?

For help managing CARs online, you can contact the Export Service Support Desk:

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